Sales Personnel
Jim Doyle - Sales Manager:
Over 25 years of experience in custom foam packaging. Started working in
production, 5 years as a designer, drafter and drop tester. Nearly 20 years in
sales throughout the Bay Area. I'm on the Peninsula a couple days a week.
Adam Doyle - Sales:
I am new to sales but have been working with drop in customers for 8 years
while in the design department. I am eager to share my creative design
concepts with our customers. I handle the East Bay, North of Hayward up to
Richmond. East out to Livermore/stockton and periodically Sacramento Area.
Sherry Rapp - Sales:
Nearly 30 years in the foam packaging sector, mostly in production. Well
educated in the process of fabrication/converting foam into packaging. I
handle the East Bay from Oakland to Fremont, East to Livermore and South
bay to Salinas periodically.
Michael Deibert - Sales:
Over 20 years in industrial packaging, mostly with corrugated conversion. I
worked for a major sheet plant for many years and only a few years new at
Foam Distributors. Most of my sales time is spent in the South Bay.
Pam Merrill - Inside Sales:
Over 25 years of experience with Foam Distributors, Inc. Started the first 5
years in production and later moved into Customer Service. Well versed on
the production of foam packaging and able to offer solutions. Please stop by
Foam Distributors for a quote.